Four Themes have been developed by CfAT to categorise the Goals and Objectives for the company for the period 2016 -2020:

Theme A: Artistic Excellence - The art of making intercultural theatre (Our Arts)
Theme B: Access, Marketing & Participation – bringing our creators and audiences together (Our People)
Theme C: CALD Sector Research & Development – Ideas and innovations for a new world (Our World)
Theme D: Sustainability & Governance – Being Productive and securing our future (Our Business)


1.    Horizontal Transparent Governance:        
retaining a sense of family gathering through caring, non-violent communication, peace and harmony.
2.    Liberating Creativity:                
through a nourishing, co-creative culture of collaboration, inclusivity, respect and partnership.
3.    Creative Experimentation:                
innovative solutions to arrive at new forms of expression that reflect the complexity of our changing world.
4.    Culture:                         
cultural memories, practices, expression and cathartic aspects of human life –daily life and community living.
5.    Committed to Caring:              
impacts of globalisation, (de)-colonisation and migration.
6.    Focus on Diversity:                
appreciation of diversity and pluralism – pluri-vocality and inter-culturalism.
7.    Recognition of Boundless Inter-relationships:
all (living) things are connected to one another, everything is connected to everything
8.    Global Perspectives:                
on social justice, reconciliation, healing, well-being and happiness.
9.    Ethical and Energetic Exploration:            
integrity and rigour, urgency and necessity, trusting the unknown.
10.    Continuous Improvement:                
ongoing research and application of new learnings and experiences

CFAT – Home of Intercultural Theatre

Welcoming the renewal and restoration of human wellbeing.


To be/come a Welcome Home – O ka e ri na sai for intercultural research, training and theatre practice.


CfAT, as a progressive theatre company, is: •    focussed on the learning and stimulation of creativity and innovation with theatre in a culturally complex/pluralist society/world. •    a collaboration of diverse artists creating and producing socially, culturally and environmentally responsive intercultural performance works that speak to the heart of universal experience. •    skilled in the trade/exchange, recovery and investigation of stories, to enable the sharing of knowledge and understanding between and within different cultures. •    committed to produce transcultural performance for an emerging world, through invigorating co-creation of new multi-art intercultural theatre that heals, entertains and educates.




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